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Does Your Trading Psychology Stand Between You and What You Know is Possible?

How do you really set goals for Trading Psychology? In truth, leading how to shape a trading mind isn't about logic and analytics. It is about your deeply held beliefs about your capacity to manage loss and the unknown. Come watch this webinar from Rande Howell and learn how to set workable goals for your Emotional Brain that actually help you to develop a disciplined and patient mind in the midst of not knowing the outcome. Come and watch.

Rande Howell Trader Psychologist

Why Can't I Just Stick to My Rules When I'm In?

To make money, you know your job as a trader is to follow your rules. It sounds so simple and doable that even a Caveman could do it. Then you get in. Suddenly your rational mind is gone and your rules have flown out the window. You hit the wall. What you are experiencing is an emotional hijacking of your logical mind by the survival instincts of your Caveman Brain. To achieve the success you desire, you are going to have to master this aspect of your trading mind. Come learn how. Watch this video from Rande Howell and get the emotional control you are seeking.

This Month's Educational Webinar from Rande Howell

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How to Stick to Your Rules When You Get In

What happens to your trading mind when you get in?  Before that moment, you planned your trade logically.  And now you are ready to trade your plan.  It seems so simple and doable that, yes, even a Caveman could do it. 
Then you get in.  Suddenly, logic flies out the door and emotions erupt.  And your emotional Caveman Brain ambushes the rational trader who was going to trade his plan.  After the fog clears, you wonder, “What just happened?”. 

Clearly your trading mind was not prepared for this most critical of moments – when you have skin in the game, the rules change.   

Join trader psychologist Rande Howell for this webinar to learn how to establish emotional control of the mind you bring into this particular moment.  Watch now.