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Does Your Trading Psychology Stand Between You and What You Know is Possible?

Many know how to trade when the threat of losing is not present. But the moment that the trade goes live, their mind is seized and their trading mind disappears. Only after the damage do they come back to their senses and ask, "What just happened?"

To become a successful trader, you must answer this question and master it. Come and learn here.

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Rande Howell Trader Psychologist

Warning: Winning Can Be Dangerous to Successful Trading

How can that be? 
Everybody wants to win, what could be so wrong with winning?  After losing, winning feels really good.  Right?

 Think about it.  How many times have you traded, won, and then given it all back – and then some.  If you’re like most traders – all too many times.

What makes that happen? 
Unfortunately, winning also has a dark side.  One that can set you up for failure.  Winning triggers the brain’s reward system, which leads your survival instincts into feeling good and confident.  The key is learning how to control this
process.  Watch this video and find out more.  It’s not just fear that stands in your way.  It is the way you understand
success.  Come learn more.  Watch now.

This Month's Educational Webinar from Rande Howell

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Mastering the Mind You Bring into the Moment of Uncertainty

After you learn how to trade technically, you are ready to
finally make some money consistently.  When that automatically doesn’t happen, you wander, looking around, for what holds you back in your trading. 

And, if you are smart, this is when you discover that you are the problem holding you back from the promises of trading – at least your brain is.  Successful trading requires that your psychology of trading (of winning and losing) has to be addressed for you to achieve success. 

You discover that the brain you brought to trading simply is not built to bring you success in
trading.  That brain/mind has to be built.  It is unnatural for  brain, sculpted by evolution, to be fit for duty in the world of probability that trading represents.  Until then, you are fighting ancient and instinctive forces that will simply thwart you best attempts at success in trading.

Come learn what you are missing that holds you back.  Then learn what you can do to build the mind that successfully engages the uncertainty and risk of trading.  It’s a journey you must take if you are to be successful.  Come sign up for this free video and get started on powerful new way of engaging Uncertainty.  Watch now.