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Does Your Trading Psychology Stand Between You and What You Know is Possible?

Many know how to trade when the threat of losing is not present. But the moment that the trade goes live, their mind is seized and their trading mind disappears. Only after the damage do they come back to their senses and ask, "What just happened?"

To become a successful trader, you must answer this question and master it. Come and learn here.

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Rande Howell Trader Psychologist

Breaking Through the Invisible Barriers to Your Trading Success

Your trading performances are a mystery.  You understand the potential that trading offers.  And you know how to trade.  You’d think that would be enough.  But there is a pattern of sabotage that keeps raising its ugly head that keeps your trading on the ropes.  And it baffles you.  Sound familiar?  I keeps happening, coming out of nowhere, but it remains a mystery to you.  Why is this
sabotage happening? 

Why can’t I just trade my charts and rules?  It is like there is an invisible barrier that you keep blindly running into.  This is an emotional pattern that operates below the threshold of your working awareness.  And it won’t go away until you can spot it and fix the psychology behind it. 

Come watch this video from Rande Howell and learn how to
develop the trading mind so that you fix the problem of sabotage.  It is time to develop your Emotional Intelligence to help you use all that trading knowledge effectively you have when you are under the gun.  Fortunately, it can be taught.  Come and learn.  Watch this video.

This Month's Educational Webinar from Rande Howell

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Breaking Through the Invisible Barriers to Your Trading Success

You know better – you know how to trade.   But there are particular trade management
moments that have your number.  One moment, you have a perfectly sane mind managing a trade;  the next moment you sabotage your best laid plans – and take a big loss. 

This is not the first time.  Truth be told, it happens a lot.  When the smoke clears, you have lost all your gains for the week or month.  And you have no idea what happened.  Sound familiar?  What would your life be like if you could solve this problem?

Welcome to the power that your primitive survival instincts
of the emotional brain has over your performances in trading.  You would even know they are there because your Thinking Brain (that you identify with) cannot see the emotional patterns that trigger and sabotage performance. 
And that keeps you from the promise of trading.  Watch this free webinar by Rande Howell and learn how to deal with these invisible barriers that hold you back.  They are there and you have to learn how to
see them before they do more damage to your trading.  Then, learn how to fix the problem so that you achieve the potential that is waiting for you when you learn to see with more equipped eyes.  Watch now.