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Does Your Trading Psychology Stand Between You and What You Know is Possible?

Trading success looks so achievable until the money is real.Then something happens.After ignoring trader psychology as a light weight topic, it dawns on you that emotional self control is the name of the game.This is the missing skill.Initially, traders do not grasp that the certainty based mindset that they bring to trading will never bring success. Trading success requires developing a probability based mindset.

Management of emotion and the hidden beliefs you bring to the management of uncertainty are the fundamental psychological skills needed for success.

Rande Howell Trader Psychologist

The Missing Key to Unlocking Your Trading Potential

Do you remember the day when you realized that trading had
the potential to change your life in a powerful way?  Most saw the upside of trading and went after
trading success in a big way.  It seemed so doable.  All you had to do was work hard, learn how to trade, pay your dues, and eventually reap the rewards of trading – personal and financial independence. 

But success in trading proved to be a moving target.  And eventually, you learned that it was “you” that had to change.  Something in you is holding
you back from the success you want.  The problem is that you don’t know what the problem really is.  This is the unexpected journey that all traders step into if they are to become successful as traders.  What does hold you back from the success you
know is possible?  How do you discover the hidden key that opens the door to trading success?  Come watch this video and learn what is necessary to unlock the door to your trading success. 

This Month's Educational Webinar from Rande Howell

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The Missing Key to Your Success in Trading

How to Stay Disciplined When the Money Is Real

We are taught early on that hard work and persistence are the keys to success in life. And you naturally bring that understanding to trading without ever examining it. What traders find out is that hard work is not the key to success in trading that they believed. If hard work and persistence were the keys to success in trading, there would be many more successful traders than they are.
The hidden key to success in trading is the willingness to change what you believe about winning and losing and your beliefs about how the world actually works. Every time you risk capital on a trade, you become the front row witness to the beliefs you hold about your ability to manage uncertainty effectively or not. And most find out that what you say you believe and what your performances reveal are two very different things.
It is discovering what beliefs are really driving your trading performances (and changing them at a fundamental level) that is the game changer that few learn. Come learn what it really takes to become a successful trader. It is more about letting go of the need to control outcome, defining success by winning and losing, and finding out where your real sense of worth comes from that actually makes a difference. Come and learn. Watch this webinar.