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Breathing for Traders Guided Meditation - Downloadable MP3

Breathing for Traders Guided Meditation - Downloadable MP3

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Breathing is essential in emotional state management.  And it is the most overlooked skill that every trader needs in their emotional regulation tool kit.  Each emotional state has a corresponding breathing and tension signature associated with it.  For instance, fear has a shallow and rapid breathing style or a holding of breath that is present when fear takes over your trading mind.  By training yourself with the guided meditation, you will learn how to disrupt fearful emotional patterns before that sweep your mind away into poor trading.  Better, as you learn the skill, you will be able to use your breathing to produce a much calmer state of mind from which to trade.

In this 15 minute guided meditation you are taught to develop a highly relaxed state of mind.  Then you are taught how to train yourself to produce "bellows breathing".  This is the breathing style that is associated with calm and relaxed states of mind.  The guided meditation is built specifically for the rigors of emotional state management while trading.  With continued use, you learn how to re-train your breathing so that you can choose to place yourself in a calm state of mind.  Trading becomes much less emotionally challenging when this skill is part of your trader's tool kit.

This is a large mp3 file and you will receive it automatically after your payment clears after you order.  Bellows breathing is an essential skill for every trader who wants to be able to manage his or her emotions while trading.