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Building the Intentional Mind for Trading - Downloadable MP3

Building the Intentional Mind for Trading - Downloadable MP3

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Much like a peak performance athlete prepares his/her mind for a performance, a trader needs to be intentional about the mind he/she brings to trading.  Without preparing the mind for the work of trading, the trader starts his/her day at a disadvantage.  Even subtle levels of fear, excitement, or euphoria can easily sabotage the mind that can effectively manage uncertainty, probability, and the unknown.

This guided meditation takes the skills learned from the emotional regulation and mindfulness guided meditations and uses those skills to build a process for bringing an intentional mind into the management of trading.  This is a skill necessary for peak performance management of mind for trading. Training with it and application of the skills taught, the trader learns how to build and maintain the intentional mind required for peak performance trading.