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Traders State of Mind

Mindful Trading: Mastering Your Emotions and the Inner Game

Mindful Trading: Mastering Your Emotions and the Inner Game

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Conquer Self-Doubt, Fear, and Impulse and Get the Psychological Edge You Need for Successful Trading


     This book focuses on how to develop the psychology of your peak performance mindset so you can claim the edge your methodology gives you. 


     Rande’s book, Mindful Trading:  Mastering Your Emotions and the Inner Game of Trading”,  goes beyond telling you what a trader's mind ought to be like.  A number of books tell you that.  Achieving that mindset  remains elusive though.  This book shows you HOW to develop a trader's state of mind.  And if you are serious about achieving your dreams of financial freedom, you are going to want to get your hands on this book.  The book is available in either a paperback format, a downloadable audio book, or a downloadable e-book (pdf format).  To get a preview of the book, please read the excerpt.  It's free.

     This book explores how fear or impulsivity blocks the potential of the trader you could be.  But more than just explaining HOW your fears and impulsiveness negatively impact your trading, this book explains what you can DO about it.

     Through the use of real-life vignettes of traders he's worked with, Rande tells the stories of traders like you who have wrestled with their psychological demons and conquered them.  From the paralyzing hesitation of the fear of pulling the trigger, to the panic of a trade going against you, to the demoralizing disaster of impulse trading to make up for prior loses, you will see how they overcame their self-limiting beliefs and achieved a disciplined, patient, impartial, and courageous mindset — the Trader’s State of Mind.

      Rande explores how these traders used the learned skills of emotional regulation and Mindfulness as part of a powerful process to develop a psychological edge that led them to peak performance trading.  In this book you will learn how to disrupt old self-limiting beliefs that block you from your potential and awaken the potential of the Inner Trader living within you.

       This book is not about quick fixes, mind tricks, or gimmicks.  This is about long-term change and reorganization of the self, starting with biological management of emotional states to psychological re-invention of the self.  Here you will learn that biology and mind cannot be separated.  You will see how to change deeply embedded neural pathways that give rise to self-limiting beliefs resulting in poor trading performances.  It shows you the skills and tools you need to move beyond mediocrity and into your potential as a trader and as a human being.

      Until you learn how to manage your emotions and develop your mind to work effectively with uncertainty, you will never achieve peak performance in trading.  The very psychological demons you have successfully avoided outside of trading will stalk you in trading -- this is unavoidable.  In trading, to be successful, you have to master the mind.  It is your mind that uses your platform and methodology; it has to be developed like a rookie has to be developed into a seasoned pro.  This book will show you the what and how of overcoming self-limiting beliefs and re-organizing your mind for peak performance trading.

 Why is this book available only at this website?

      I get asked this many times.  And the answer is money.  What a publisher and Amazon offers me is expensive for what they actually deliver.   They take the vast majority of the sale of a book and I still have to do the marketing, leaving a long road to recover and realize any profit from the intellectual capital of Mindful Trading.  By offering the book only through my website, the distribution system is flat and I have personal contact with everyone purchasing.  It's much like paying top dollar commission for a retail broker only to discover they were providing you little value for the cost.