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Traders State of Mind

Mindfulness Training Exercise for Traders-downloadable MP3

Mindfulness Training Exercise for Traders-downloadable MP3

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This is a 26 minute Mindfulness Development guided meditation that helps the trader develop a sense of detached observation during his trading.  It is one of the keys skills necessary to develop the ability to separate your awareness from emotion so that your mind is not swept away by strong emotions.  Rather than get sucked into fear, greed, or impulse, you will learn how to step back and observe the goings and comings of emotion and thought.  And it will teach you how to maintain a calm, detached, impartial state of mind as you trade.

After becoming deeply relaxed you are led through an exercise where the ocean, waves, and surfers become visual metaphors for the markets, emotion, and thought.   You will experience how awareness becomes fused to emotion and thought and then you will be carried away by the resulting state of mind.  Then you will experience how you can separate from those emotions and thoughts and re-assert a calm, relaxed, detached, and impartial state of mind that is needed for peak performance trading.

This also represents my preferred method of teaching meditation that is tailored to the needs of traders.  Many traders use this guided meditation to prepare their mind for a day of trading.  It helps to dissolve the worry that many traders experience even before they start trading.   This comes as a large downloadable mp3 file.